Sunday, June 6, 2010


We were served communion in church today. My girls have both asked Jesus into their hearts, so they are allowed to participate in this most holy remembrance. Unfortunately, it isn't until we're in the thick of it that I realize that I forgot to talk to them about the importance of being completely reverent during such a time as this.

The elements were passed out, and our pastor was reminding us of the bread's meaning ...

Amanda: Mom, can I have your little cup when you're done with it?

Mom: Uh, sure.

Megan: Mom, can I have your cup when it's empty?

Mom: Sorry, your sister beat you to it.

Megan: Okay, then can I have your cup the next time we do this?

Mom: Of course.

Megan: Tell Amanda. Tell her she can't have it next time because you promised it to ME.

Mom: I will do no such thing.

The pastor continues to speak.

Amanda: Putting the wafer up to her nose, This smells familiar.

Me: Shhhh.

Megan: When are we gonna' eat already?

Mom: Shhhh!

Our pastor leads us in the partaking of the bread. I look over at Megan who, thankfully, is chewing with her mouth closed. Just a few more moments, and the "wine" will be consumed with (fingers crossed) no spillage.

Amanda: Remember, Mom, I get your cup.

Me: Evil eye.

Megan: Can we drink yet?

Me: No, you can't drink yet. Just wait. He'll tell us when it's time.

Megan: Big sigh.

We're given the go ahead to drink. Megan looks at me and lifts her cup as if to say, "Cheers", which she's actually said during a previous communion service.
Sorry, Lord. I'll talk to them ...


  1. You just can't make this stuff up. Priceless! Let me know when filming begins for your reality show; I'll be watching! If no one offers, just have Henry follow you with a video camera for a few hours each day and then give me the footage.

  2. Tami,
    Love this post and love your blog! Glad I discovered it. I can sure see you and your sis in the girls!

  3. Thanks, Heather!! Glad you discovered it too!

    Ann-Marie ~ If a house-keeper is included in the reality show deal, I'M IN. If any production crews come a calling, you'll be the first to know. :)