Sunday, February 20, 2011

High Heaven

Last night during dinner ...

Amanda: Excuse me, I farted.

I give her the "look".

Megan: Her farts stink like high heaven!

Me: To high heaven, Meg. They stink to high heaven.

Megan: Yep, they do.


  1. LOVE the new look Tami! Way to freshen up!
    My kids have now been trained to leave the table at dinner if they need to release the stink.

  2. What?! Kids find joy in farting too? Lordy... I thought dealing with my husband was enough ;-)

  3. hahaha that is so funny. At least she said excuse me!

  4. Thanks, Tracey! Now I just have to get an updated photo of the girls. :) And I have TRIED to get them to leave the table before doing that, but have not been successful AT ALL. Not sure what to do ... maybe charge 5 cents per offense?

    Emily ~ Enjoy these years with just the husband, is all I can say. ;)

    Mary ~ Yes, she always says excuse me, but she's always laughing when she does it. Little stinker!