Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Music

Day 5 with one car. Kinda' tricky on a Sunday. After doing the soundcheck at church, Henry came back home to get me and the girls.

A little back story regarding current listening pleasures in our family vehicle ... My girls are on a Keith Urban kick. And not just Keith Urban, but specifically his hit single: Kiss A Girl. Every time we get in the car it's: "Keith Urban please." "#1 please."

So we get in the car this morning ...

Amanda: Keith Urban please.

Henry: No. Let's listen to some music that actually glorifies Jesus while we're driving to church.

Amanda: Oh man.

Henry: No 'Kiss a Girl' this morning. Not that there's anything wrong with kissing a girl.

I look over at Henry.

Henry back peddaling: I mean, for me.

I look back over at Henry.

Henry: I mean, nothing wrong with me kissing the right girl.

Nice save, Honey.

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