Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is a post I started back in October. Not sure why I never got back to it, but since I've got nothin' fresh to post right now, I'll just throw this out there ...

Amanda likes to talk. Sometimes non-stop. Here are some of her comments while watching the Jonas Brothers movie:

Joe seems like he's always the main singer.

Do you think those people in the audience knew they were being filmed?

I wonder how many guitars they have.

Are guitars expensive?

Joe has big muscles.

Demi Levato looks different. She either has less make-up on or she's a lot older.

While watching the Jonas Brothers in Time Square:

Amanda: It seems like Fresno doesn't have a Time Square.

Me: That's because it doesn't.

Amanda: It seems like Taylor Swift only sings country music.

Me: That's because she does.

Amanda: She's wearing black (cowboy) boots with a sparkly dress. How does that go?

Me: It doesn't, but when you're a celebrity you can wear whatever you want.

I should change that last reply to read celebrity or Megan.

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