Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drugs & Alcohol

Yesterday was a holiday for me and the girls. And part of it was spent with Henry's folks at The Elephant Bar for lunch (Yay for no cooking!)

When the server came to get our drink order, she threw out a few choices including a Strawberry-Banana-Breeze. Well Megan thought that sounded pretty darn good and told me off to the side that she'd like one of those. I informed her that the fruity dream drink contained alcohol, and thankfully, she understood that to mean she could not have it.

Later that afternoon ...

Megan: Mom, is alcohol - drugs?

Me: Yeah, I guess you could say that. They both do things to your mind.

Megan: Like what kinda' things?

Me thinking how in the world do you describe such a thing to a 7 year old?: Oh, like, making your mind not work quite right so you can't think clearly.

Amanda clearly not impressed with my explanation: They make you lose your place, Megan.

Me: That too.

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