Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Reports with Meg

Megan's in 2nd grade and gets to do one book report every week.

Tonight she picked "The Cat in the Hat" for this week's report.

After reading it, she began writing ...

Megan: Mom, how should I start it out?

Me: Well, why don't you begin telling about the two kids and how they had to stay home.

Megan: Okay, 'two kids were home one day' ...

Me: What are their names? You should use their names.

Megan: Sally and .... and ...

Me: Does it not tell you the brother's name?

Megan: No.

Me: Really? Let me see that book.

I look and find that the brother's name is never mentioned. Go figure.

Me: Okay, well, I guess you can't use his name, so you can just refer to him as Sally's brother.

Megan: No, I'm gonna' call him 'Drew'.

Me: You can't do that.

Megan: Yes I can. 'Sally and Drew had to stay home one day ...'

Me: Megan, you can't just make up a name. There's a good chance that your teacher has read 'The Cat in the Hat'.

Megan: Well, I bet if she read it, it was a loooong time ago and she won't remember the boy's name.

Me: Maybe, but 'Drew' wasn't even a common name back when Dr. Seuss wrote this book.

Megan: Really? Okay fine! I'll call him 'boy'.

Me: Good call.

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  1. I can't believe they don't mention the boys name??? That is crazy. Boy works though :)