Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Sexy Hair: FAIL

My mom was in town last week to give my girls a piano lesson. This is such a gift to Amanda and Megan because Grandma Judi is an amazing pianist, and an even more amazing teacher.

Since my mom lives almost 3 hours away, she spends the night with us after the lessons, and heads back home the following morning.

This past week, she left behind her hairspray. Her "Big Sexy Hair" hairspray, to be exact.

I didn't really think much of it. I knew she'd be back in a couple weeks for another piano lesson, and would collect it then.

Well, two days later, Megan fixed her own hair as she always does, and as she and Henry were leaving the house ...

Megan: Mom, does my hair look okay?

I looked at it, and thought it looked a little "crispy", but other than that, thought it looked fine.

Me: Yeah, it looks fine.

Later Henry told me what happened.

Henry: Did Megan tell you about the new red can of detangler spray she tried yesterday morning?

Me: Oh no!! You mean the Big Sexy Hair 'detangler'?

Henry: Yeah. She didn't think it worked too well.

Guess not!!


  1. Ha! That stuff is INTENSE too! That'll take a while to undo.