Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anger Management Anyone?

What can I say? This past Sunday morning was nothing short of ca-RAZY.

Usually after singing in the choir, I go directly from the platform to sitting with my two girls to hear the message.

This past Sunday, however, my girls stood up and walked over to meet me before I could make it to my seat. Megan whispered, "Amanda said we're leaving now." I replied, "Amanda's wrong. Go back to your seat."

This did NOT go over well with Miss Megan AT ALL.

She trudged back to her seat and huffed as she sat down. Then she grabbed my hand and put it up to her forehead.

Me whispering: What?

Megan whispering back: Feel how hot my forehead is?

Me: It feels fine.

Megan: No, it's hot! I need to get out of here!

Me: It's not hot. We're staying.

At that news, Megan took her little black shrug and draped it over her head, and began writing very angrily while I tried to focus my attention on what our Pastor was saying.

A couple minutes later, I felt her tapping my arm. I looked over as she shoved a folded piece of paper into my hand and growled, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Okaaay. So I go to open the "Valentine", thinking she's seen the error of her ways and wants to make up. Um, no. I opened it and read, "I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!"

Sorry, but that just struck me funny. Probably because:

1) She prefaced it with "Happy Valentine's Day".

2) She had that black thing on her head, with just her angry eyes peeking out at me.

3) We were in church, which is where most inappropriate giggling takes place.

4) I knew my friends sitting behind me were thoroughly enjoying the "show" in front of them.

So I start laughing, and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I can't laugh silently without my shoulders moving up and down.

This made Megan even more mad.

Megan: Stop laughing! That wasn't a joke!!

Me: I know (still laughing), I'm sorry.

Megan kept her head covered for the remainder of the message, and continued to scribble notes to me and Amanda. She eventually worked through her anger, which is good, because today's sermon was on anger and how the Lord equates it with murder (Matthew 5:21-22.) Not exactly a light-hearted topic, and I'm over on the east side cracking up at my murderous daughter.

Good times.

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