Friday, February 18, 2011

Michael, Amanda & Al

My first recollection of Michael Jackson's music, was my brother's "Off the Wall" album. I must have been in 5th or 6th grade, and remember thinking the songs had amazing rhythms, and that Michael's voice was super high. Kinda' like a girl's, but still good.

When his "Thriller" album came out, I bought it with my own money. (Read: 1 cent mailed to Columbia House for 13 albums with the promise of purchasing 4 more at the "regular club price" of $20-$25 each within the next 8 weeks or so. My poor mother.)

Not only was I a fan of his music, but I also thought he was kinda' cute. Now, this was back in the 80's after he'd only had like 4-5 plastic surgeries on his face. I even had this poster, if you can believe it:

I've never replaced any of my LP's with CD's, and last week I had an itch to hear some Michael Jackson so I got a 3-CD collection of his songs.

My girls were immediately taken with the cool tracks, just like I had been back in the day. And they also commented on how girlish his voice sounded ... like mother like daughters.

Yesterday Amanda was putting one of the CD's on the stereo ...

Amanda: Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Amanda: Why do all of Michael Jackson's CD's say 'ef-it' on them?

I started racking my brain ... "ef-it"? Really? Why in the world would it say that on the CD's? Is that in place of the real "F" word? And if so, why?! I was so confused.

Amanda: Mom???

Me: Oh, sorry. Now, what does it say on the CD's again? 'Ef-it'?

Amanda: Not 'Ef-it'. EPIC.

Me: OH!! EPIC was the name of the record company he recorded for.

The girls are having fun listening to "Bad" and the like, but I've gotta' say, I can't seem to listen to those songs without thinking of a Weird Al Yankovic parody.

I just youtube'd a few of them. All pretty funny, and most of them completely politically incorrect. If you're in a Weird Al mood, click on the youtube links below.


  1. Tami, my kids only know the Weird Al versions. Isn't that sad. My son has downloaded most of his songs off of iTunes.

    First time I remember listening to Michael? 7th grade, Thriller album, making up a dance to it in my parent's living room.

  2. No way! Only Weird Al? His songs are so much funnier when you've seen Michael's original videos. My girls haven't seen any MJ or Weird Al videos and haven't HEARD any Weird Al songs, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

    Love your memory from 7th grade! :)