Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Car Time

We're down to one car for a little while. Yeah it's inconvenient at times, but it's also kinda' nice to have the imposed family time. Here's this morning's conversation on the ride to school ...

Megan: Why doesn't our roof ever have frost on it?

Me: It faces a direction that the sun hits more than houses facing a different direction.

Henry: Our house faces South. The houses you see the most frost on are facing North.

Amanda (pointing to the left and right): Is that way North and that way South?

Me: Yes.

Henry: So which way is East?

Amanda points to the West and Megan points to the East.

Me: Megan's right.

Megan: Ha! Ha! I got it right.

Amanda: Hey, she's bragging!

Megan: So what? You brag about your farts!

Amanda: I do not!

Henry: Well maybe you don't brag about 'em, but you sure do have a proud look on your face afterwards.

See what an edifying conversation we would have missed out on had we been able to take separate cars this morning?

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