Friday, February 11, 2011


Amanda received a darling black Guess velour sweat suit from my mom this past Christmas.

The jacket has "GUESS" written on the back across the shoulders. And just in case one dares to wear the pants without the jacket, those also say "GUESS" on one pant leg, between the knee and ankle.

Now Amanda's height has not quite caught up with her clothing size, and as such, I get to hem most of her pants. The only problem with this Guess sweat suit, is the fact that if I hem up the pants to where they need to be, instead of reading "GUESS", they would read "GUE". Not quite what she had in mind. So she's just been tucking the pant legs into her boots and calling it good.

The other day, when Amanda was sporting her black sweat suit ...

Megan: Mom, I know why Amanda's sweat suit says 'GUESS' on it.

Me: Um, because that's the name of the company that designed the sweat suit?

Megan: No, because she's in ALL BLACK.

Me: And?

Megan: ALL BLACK ... so you have to GUESS who she is.

Me: OH, right.

Huh? Wouldn't have guessed that in a million years.

Now if the sweat suit had come with a ski mask ... maybe.

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