Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Wheels

Amanda got her first bicycle when she was 5 years old (could she BE any cuter?!):

After gradually raising the training wheels over time, she eventually taught herself to ride without them by age 7. (Some might call that lazy parenting. I call it brilliant parenting.)

Megan was given hand-me-down bikes from friends (again, is she not the cutest?!):

She finally got her own bike when she turned 6. Here's a photo on the morning of her 6th birthday. She had just woken up to find the bike in her room. (Hence the bike on the carpet and the dazed look on her face.)

Tonight Meg decided to try and ride her sister's bike which doesn't have training wheels. I was inside fixing dinner when she ran in ...

Megan (rubbing her bum): Mom, I fell.

Me: You did? Are you alright?

Megan: Yeah. I just wish they made bottom pads.

Me: Well most people have built-in bottom pads. You, on the other hand, have no padding back there whatsoever.

I followed her back outside to see her progress, and was amazed to see this:

Another self-taught 7 year old bike rider. (Another brilliant parenting moment.)

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