Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not Feeling Well?

Megan has had a stuffy nose for a few days now. Every morning she wakes up and tells me she doesn't feel good, and that we need to take her temperature. The temp is always fine, which means she can't stay home.

Today when she arrived at my office after school ...

Megan: They had to take my temperature today at school.

Me: Oh yeah? Why was that?

Megan: Because I wasn't feeling good.

Me: And did you have a fever?

Megan (all disappointed): No.

Later in the car I got the rest of the story ...

Megan: I didn't feel good during math today.

Me: Were you okay before math?

Megan: Yeah. But math made me feel sick, so my teacher sent me to the office to take my temperature.

Me: And when it was discovered that you didn't have a fever, did you go right back to class, or did you get to sit in the office for a little bit?

Megan: Sit in the office.

Me: And did you miss math because of that?

Megan: Yep.

Me: How did you feel then?

Megan: GREAT.

Me: I'll bet.


  1. Tami. Forgot to tell you that we now have a Snuggie (Snugglie?) in our house.
    My sister-in-law gave one to Bean for Christmas. AND it's navy blue with peace signs all over it. ??? Both of my kids wear it.
    Whomever created those things needs to be put on a time-out!

  2. Well it is about time!! I'm thinkin' I like your sister-in-law. Now if I sent you a Snuggie, would you use it? You could tell everyone it was a gift, so they wouldn't know that you secretly LOVE IT. (Just like you love the one Bean got for Christmas.)