Friday, January 6, 2012

From Girls to Juniors

Life was so much simpler when we could do all of our shopping in the "Girls 7-16" clothing department. But alas, those days are over for Amanda.

The biggest bummer? The price.

We went to buy a set of pajamas for Amanda a few weeks ago, and out of habit went to the girls section in Target. A set (that would be top AND bottoms) was only $16. We then walked over to the juniors department and saw that the pants were $15 and the top was $15. Nice.

So we bought the set for $30. Grrrr.

Later that day ...

Amanda: Can you believe how expensive those pajamas were?

Me: I know.

Amanda: I mean who would spend $15 on pants and another $15 on a top?

Me: Uh ...

Amanda: Oh yeah. Us.

1 comment:

  1. TOTALLY feeling your pain! My boy is now in the "men's" section. Everything just jumped in price!