Thursday, January 19, 2012


During dinner I noticed Amanda studying my face ...

Me: What?

Amanda: There's a bump on the side of your mouth and there's a hair growing out of it.

Me: Oh, yeah. I try to pull those out, but sometimes I miss 'em.

Amanda: What is that bump anyway?

Me: It's like a mole (but with a blond {almost invisible} hair growing out of it! Am I like officially old and icky, or what?!)

Amanda: That's not a mole. It looks like a pimple.

Boy, this just gets better and better! My self-esteem was through the ROOF by this time.

Me: I assure you it is NOT a pimple.

Right about then, Henry offers me some tweezers to pluck the {apparently} offensive hair.

After pulling it out {yes, at the dinner table, because I'm classy like that}...

Amanda: Could you pull that bump off with the tweezers too?

Me: Uh, NO!?

Seriously?! What's next? Asking if I can suck my fat out with a straw?

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