Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Our girls have been blessed with amazing babysitters over the years.

Last week we called upon Miss Brittany Salley.

Now Britt will be the first to make fun of her initials. That's
right, she's lived over 20 years with the initials "B.S." and is totally cool with it.

Before she came over, I took the girls to Target to spend those Christmas gift cards that were burning holes in their pockets, and Megan chose to purchase the Dippin' Dots dessert maker.

Okay ... why I allowed Megan to buy this, I'll never know. The toys I like are the ones that don't need adult supervision. This one not only requires that an adult be present, but the adult practically has to perform every stinkin' step. And even then, we ended up with 2 major spills before successfully filling one lousy tray of dumb dots.

When 3 cups of dots were finally finished, I saw Megan labeling them.

One was labeled MEG. Another was labeled MOM. And yet another was labeled B.S.

I was pretty sure what she meant by "B.S." (Yes, I'm referring to "Brittany Salley", not the more {unfortunately} popular B.S.), but I decided to ask anyway.

Me: So who is 'B.S.' ... Brittany Salley?

Megan rolling her eyes: Uh, no. Baby Sitter.

Of course.

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