Monday, January 16, 2012

8 Year Old's Definition of: Everyone

The school's library book drop is in my office.

The other day Megan came in carrying a book ...

Megan: My teacher told me to put this in the library basket.

Me: Well ... go ahead.

Megan: Everyone's talking about the red bump on my face.

Me: Let me see. There's hardly anything there, look.

I handed her a mirror.


Me: See?

Megan: It's big.

Me: No it isn't. But would you like a dab of make-up anyway?

Megan: Yes please.

Me: Who all was talking about it?

Megan: Well, Carston mentioned it, then I asked Brynlee and Abbie if they could see it and they BOTH said they COULD.

So apparently when you're 8, "Everyone" = 3 (2 of which are solicited.)

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