Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Our church is doing a 3-day fast. Last year I fasted from sweets and thought I was going to DIE. This year I'm only consuming water, and it's a little harder than skipping the sugar I gotta' say.

While driving in the car, I asked the girls if they might want to participate, giving examples of things they could fast from ... sweets? TV? Fighting with each other??? (okay, I didn't mention that last one, but how great would THAT be?!)

Needless to say, they had lots of questions ...

Amanda: Skip eating?! Mom, do you have any idea how hungry I get?

I know, but each time you feel the need to eat, you pray instead.

Amanda: Mom. I'm hungry ALL THE TIME.

Me: Then that would be a lot of praying, wouldn't it?

Megan: Wait. Are you allowed to pee when you fast?

Me: Yes. Peeing is allowed.

Hey, at least we're talking about it.

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