Monday, January 30, 2012


Who are these people who create game apps for the iPods and such? They're either total freaks or complete geniuses ...

Amanda: Check out my new app, Shave Me.

Me: Shave Me?

Amanda: Yeah, watch.

She proceeded to put virtual shaving cream on a hairy face, then "shaved" it by rubbing her fingers over the touch screen.

Then to my horror, she rubbed even more, until the "face" started to bleed!!

Amanda: It's okay, because thankfully they came up with this! Tissue to stop the bleeding!!

And sure enough, she covered all the fake blood with fake tissue and was quite satisfied.

Amanda: I also got the app Hair Plucker, Nose Edition!!

Will the fun never end?


  1. kidding right? Who ARE these people that sit around and make these up????