Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!!


National Pi Day, apparently.

To celebrate, kids at school were encouraged to bring pies to share with their classmates.

So yesterday afternoon (3.13), I knew I'd have to stop somewhere to purchase a pie for each daughter to take with them to school the next day. The only question was where to buy the pies. Do I drive all the way to Marie Calendars, or just hit the closest grocery store? Yeah, the grocery store won. And then once we got there, I couldn't even drag myself from the car. Instead I asked my husband to take the girls inside to do my dirty work. What can I say? Daylight Savings really kicked my tail this time and I was EXHAUSTED.

Later that night, after the girls were in bed, I hopped onto Facebook where, get this, I saw postings of people actually BAKING PIES for the following day!!! Really? I can honestly say that the thought never even crossed my mind. I was trying to work around buying 2 whole pies ... but to send homemade pies with them??? Wow. I'm so not getting the June Cleaver Award this year. But it's cool. I'm much more of a Frankie Heck kind of mom anyway. And if you don't know who Frankie Heck is, you need to watch an episode of The Middle (preferably the one about Mother's Day), STAT!!


Here's a funny blog that celebrates cakes gone wrong. And before Pi Day is over, you really should click HERE to check them out.


  1. I love Frankie. I aspire to be like Frankie.

  2. I love The Middle! This should make you feel better...I didn't even know it was "Pi" day until tonight :)