Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pajama Problems

The other night, Meg had a little meltdown when it came to bed time and the putting on of pajamas.

Megan: None of these pajamas fit me!

Me: Come on now. None of them, really?

Megan: None!!

So one by one I held up the night gowns and pajama sets, and one by one she deemed them too small.


Me: Well, I wish I'd know this over the weekend so we could have purchased some new ones for you.

Megan: Just let me wear one of your night gowns.

Me: Mine are way to big for you, sweetie.

Megan: Well then let me wear that t-shirt you gave me that Amanda stole!

Me: What?!

Megan: Remember you gave me a pink t-shirt with that B-word on it, and I never got to wear it because Amanda took it?

I try and try to think of the shirt she's talking about, but I can't get past her description. Really? I had a t-shirt with the B-word on it?!?! And not only that, but I GAVE it to my daughter to wear?!

Then the light went on.

Me: OH!!! The t-shirt Grandma Judi brought me from BOSTON!!
The B-word is Boston!!

Megan: Yeah, that one.

Me breathing much easier at this point: Sure. Let's go get that one for you.


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