Friday, August 19, 2011

New School Shoes

Why is it that new school shoes fit perfectly in the store, but when your child puts them on the morning of the first day of school ... they slip up and down on her heel?!

We went to 2 stores trying to find new tennis shoes for Megan. The first store was a bust, because they didn't carry 1/2 sizes, not to mention the fact that none of the shoes there appealed to her anyway.

The second store didn't really have any shoes that she liked either, but she must have noticed the look of exasperation on my face because all of a sudden, one pair looked promising. She tried them on and said they fit fine. I, having been burned in the past, didn't believe her and demanded that she run up and down the shoe aisle to be sure.

Yep. They fit GREAT!!

I went to pay for them and noticed that the bottoms of the shoes looked dirty, as if they'd been worn before. Since it was the only pair in that size, we were given a discount on the already low sale price, thus only having to pay $7.20! Woo hoo!!

Fast forward about 20 hours. As we're trying to get out the door, in an attempt to not be late the first day of school, Megan announces that her shoes don't fit.

Me: Pardon me?

Megan: My shoes don't fit. They're slipping in the back when I walk.

Me: They didn't slip yesterday.

Megan: Well they're slipping TODAY. I'll go get my old ones.

Me: Ugh.

So she came back with her ratty, black high-tops from last year. Perfect.

We weren't able to find other shoes that night, so the next morning she pulled out her old black winter boots to wear with her jean capri pants!! Hello??? It's like 95 degrees outside, not to mention the fact that the boots were in worse condition than the high tops. UGH!!!

You better believe we high-tailed it to the Sketchers Outlet right after school that day, and found a pair of tennis shoes that fit, FOR REAL. She wore them all the next day with no complaints.

First week of school, and the shoe situation just about did me in.

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