Monday, March 28, 2011


Friday afternoon, Megan and I were out and about trying to find her a replacement pair of tennis shoes for the ones that had holes in the soles (not good with all the rain we've been having lately.)

Before we left one store, I told her that I'd like to use their restroom before going to the next place which I knew didn't have one. She was fine with it.

Megan: Mom, do you have to go real bad?

Me: No, not real bad, but I'd like to go before I do have to go real bad.

Megan: If I say the word 'sprinkle', will it make you have to go bad?

Me: Uh, no.

Megan: So I can say it?

Me: If you like.

Megan in a high pitched chipmunkish voice: Sprinkle ... Sprinkle ... Sprinkle!

Okay, so I guess I was wrong. When a 7 year old goofy girl says 'sprinkle' in a high pitched voice over and over ... it makes me laugh, and I do have to go bad!!!

Oh, and once we got to the restroom, she had to go too. The power of suggestion strikes again.

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