Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Power of Suggestion

After school today, the girls and I had to go to Walgreens to fill my much needed prescription for an Amoxicillin Z-Pak. We pulled into the drive-thru (of course), and dropped off the RX. The Pharmacist said it would be ready in 20 minutes. Perfect. Just enough time to drive across the street to McDonald's for a quick, health-challenged, "dinner". So as we're pulling into the McD's parking lot, I announce that we're actually going to eat INSIDE McDonald's because Mom needs to use the restroom. Amanda yells, "Good! Because I have to go to the bathroom soooooo bad." Seriously? Could you not have gone at my office? You had like 45 minutes to take care of business. "Fine." I said.

So we park, go inside, and head for the "little girl's room". Once inside, Megan checks out stall #1 only to find that it's plugged. So that leaves the handicapped stall. Amanda got there first, and insisted on me joining her. Come ON! I was the one who had to go, and now, not only do I have to wait for you, but I have to watch you too?!? Motherhood.

Now all 3 of us are in the (thankfully) large stall. Amanda goes to sit, only to discover Megan already on the pot! I said to Megan, "Oh no you don't. Amanda has to go bad, and I probably have to go worse than her, but I'm the mom so who cares about that. YOU didn't even mention having to go, so YOU HAVE TO WAIT." Megan moves. Amanda sits. Megan (with pants down) asks, "Can I just go right here?" Okay, am I on Candid Camera? "NO YOU CANNOT GO RIGHT HERE! ARE YOU NUTS?!?" Needless to say, I had to wait for Megan too.

Next time I'm keepin' my mouth shut.

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