Monday, March 22, 2010

The Meganator Strikes Again

How can the same child make you laugh 'till your belly aches, and then make you so mad you want to pull your hair out (or THEIR hair out?!) This describes my Megan. My friend Steve Clark (after hearing several stories) has dubbed her The Meganator. This afternoon The Meganator struck again ...

We were on our way home when she announced that she wanted something cold to drink, "And not ice water from our house! I want a McFlurry from McDonald's!" She demanded. "Well," I said, "we're not going to do that today, so as soon as we get home, you can have a cold drink of something else if you don't want water." My reply was the beginning of her undoing. From there she took on a Linda Blair persona which culminated in her spitting in her sister's face. And by spitting, I mean a full Tablespoon of saliva. Not only was I shocked and appalled to witness such a heinous crime, but I was kinda glad that I saw it happen with my own eyes rather than hear it from the first born second hand.

What happened next was nothing short of supernatural. I calmly, without raising my voice, advised Megan that as soon as we got home, she was to go to her room where she would receive a spanking. (This only brought on more possessed-like behavior.) I warned her, again in a very out-of-body-experience-like-calmness, that if she continued with this tantrum, her punishment would only increase.

Okay, fast-forward (you're welcome) to me walking into her room to administer the discipline. The Meganator begins to give me all the reasons why I shouldn't give her the spanking:

1) "If you DON'T spank me, I won't ever spit at Amanda again." (Strike One)

2) "If you DO spank me, I WILL spit at Amanda again." (Strike Two)

3) "If you spank me, I will scream in your ear!" Okay, that's just lame, but you can't blame her for trying. (Strike Three)

Bless her heart. Once the punishment was over, and wisdom was imparted, she was an absolute angel (and by angel, I mean hilarious and well behaved) for the rest of the night.

I love that kid.

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