Thursday, March 18, 2010

Megan's Ladies

Megan likes to capture ladybugs. I think she believes she's helping them. Giving them a better life. I've tried to explain that being trapped in a Ziploc sandwich bag without any food, water or airholes is NOT helping. Nevertheless, she continues.

Today I was pleasantly surprised when she came into my office this afternoon to show me that she had caught 2 ladybugs today at school, and had remembered to give them food this time! I looked inside the clear plastic and said, "Is that a ..." "Yep!" She exclaimed, "It's part of my sandwich and a little bit of Snickers!"

Baby steps ...


  1. We lived with a ziplock full of snails, leaves, dirt, and sticks for a while.
    They just want to be little care takers. :)