Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Break

Easter Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break ... all sound good beforehand. Then you get 2 days into it, and it's nothing but sibling rivalry. I opted for 2 kids, thinking they would actually play with eachother. Or better yet, like eachother. Before having a 2nd child, I should have thought back to my own sisterly experiences growing up, but like childbirth, the more time that passes ~ the less pain you remember.

Yesterday, the girls fought so much that they were banned to their individual rooms. Today they started out good (see photo), but soon after, the complaining began: "She's not sharing the computer!" "She's singing too loud!" "She keeps burping in my face!" "Get out of my room!!" "Leave me alone!" Okay, those last 2 were me.
Tonight I'm clinging onto the promise of mercies being new every morning ... tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow they'll be sweet to eachother. Tomorrow there will be peace. Tomorrow I will be sane. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.


  1. Tomorrow they can go to a friend's house. At 8 am. For a sleepover. Seriously, I, as a preschool teacher, was WAY more excited than the parents of my students whenever a holiday came along.

  2. Are you inviting my girls over for a sleepover, Ann-Marie? ;) And yes, working at the girl's school lets me see the teacher's hyper-glee prior to a holiday first hand.

  3. Yeah Spring Break!!! Trying to keep the positive attitude up. Trying.