Monday, March 15, 2010

Romeo & Juliet (a.k.a. Oscar & Megan)

There's a boy in the neighborhood. His name is Oscar. He's from the other side of the tracks. Okay, the other side of the street. Still, he's proven to be more bad than good. The last thing he was caught doing was stealing a neighbor's hat and lighting it on fire. After that, I told the girls they were not to play with Oscar anymore. (They had already heard about the hat burning, and understood why I was laying down such a law.) While the girls have been good about carrying out my wishes, Megan still has a fascination with this forbidden neighbor. I heard her yelling his name from the backyard tonight. I looked out to see her standing on this thing, just hoping for a glimpse of the little rebel. Oh boy.


  1. I am SOOO happy you are blogging!!!! It makes me laugh every morning! THANK YOU for that. God has blessed you with a gift of laughter. The way you word your stories.... is what makes them so funny.
    kate ronlake

  2. Kate!! Thank you for the kind words! :) I got to the point on Facebook where the stories I wanted to share were just a little too long for that format. This seems to be a perfect fit. So glad you're enjoying it. :)