Friday, March 12, 2010

Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru

So I had to run some errands after work yesterday. My girls were with me, and since we were all on the verge of crankiness, I thought the errands might go better if we got a little treat first. After a short discussion (Me: How 'bout milkshakes from Chic-Fil-A? Girls: Okay.), I turned into the driveway which would lead us to the Chic-Fil-A drive-thru. As I approached the drive-thru, I noticed that there were orange pylons blocking most of the drive-thru entrance. I then watched a woman (late 60's?) go waaaaaay around the parking lot to enter the same drive-thru from a different angle. Since she was the only one currently in the drive-thru, and since I knew I could easily pass between the pylons, avoiding the drive waaaaaay around the parking lot, I sat and waited for her to pass. One problem: she stopped right in front of me (her car perpendicular to mine). She then began waving her arms, motioning for me to go waaaaaay around the parking lot in order to enter the drive-thru like she did. Well I motioned right back that no one was behind her so I'd proceed the way I wanted to, in between the blockade and right behind her. Well this only brought on more hand motions from the woman, and then bigger hand motions from yours truly. Finally she rolled down her window, so I followed suit. Then she said, "I think you're supposed to go AROUND." To which I replied, "But no one is behind you." (The pylons were there to keep a steady flow during lunch and dinner hours ... it was 4:00.) She insisted, "But I really think you're supposed to go AROUND like I did." I smiled and said, "I think I'll just go this way." Well, that was NOT the answer she wanted to hear, so she kept her car parked right there in front of me, instead of pulling up and ordering, just so I would be forced to GO AROUND!!! Can you EVEN believe that?!?!? She was the only one in line, for cryin' out loud. Sheesh! I'll bet she was one heck of a hall monitor in her elementary school days.

Well, after sitting there for about a minute, I decided to just cut my losses and GO AROUND.

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