Sunday, March 14, 2010

Water Anyone?

Last week Megan talked me into purchasing a new water bottle for her to take to school everyday. Amanda had gotten one a few weeks back, and now Megan wanted in on the action. The aluminum water bottles were in the check out line at Home Goods. Since there were people in front of us and behind us, I kept inching along while Megan picked out the color of bottle she liked best. My favorite color is blue, so I was quite pleased with her choice: A light blue background with white swirly designs and a little pink thrown in. After she had taken it to her Christian school a few times, I actually LOOKED at the designs on the bottle. Turns out that the designs included a phrase: Who says this is water? And next to the phrase is a picture of a pink martini glass!! Nice.


  1. It's the first thing I saw when the blog uploaded. Ha! Too funny...

  2. I obviously need to pay closer attention to these kinds of things. I think I'll go check all of the girls t-shirts ... who KNOWS what they've been wearing all these years?!?