Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where's the Love?

As I began typing this, Megan was mad at me. This feeling towards me is nothing new, but the reason is new. After seeing an ambulance and fire truck drive down our street, she went outside to investigate. She came back to report that the emergency vehicles had parked about 4-5 houses down, "In front of the house where teenagers live. You know, the ones that smoke." I asked if she thought that them smoking was the reason for the ambulance and fire truck's visit. She didn't think so. Anyway, she then asked if we could have a yard sale today. (Perhaps she was hoping to sell some old Barbies to a Paramedic?) I said no to the yard sale, because that kind of thing takes time and planning. She argued that it would be all HER stuff that would be sold (you mean all YOUR stuff that your MOM & DAD purchased?!) She stomped off.

Then Amanda came in and asked me if I liked what she was wearing (Since this was her 3rd outfit of the day, all I could see when I looked at her was more laundry.) I told her it was fine. (wrong answer) "FINE?!? You think I look FINE?!? That means you HATE what I'm wearing!!" (What in the world?) I countered, "Amanda, since when has 'fine' ever meant 'hate'?" She yelled, "Since FOREVER!!" Oh brother.

The good thing about these kinds of blow-ups, is that they only last about 5 minutes. By the time I finished typing this, both girls were sitting next to me, laughing at an episode of The Brady Bunch. Girls!

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  1. I was completely laughing through this entire post! Thank you for that. And I'm kinda glad I have boys now.