Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Should Have Taken Notes Today

I really should have taken notes today. My girls provided me with so much blog material, but there's no way I can remember it all. I guess I'll just start typing and see what happens.

Amanda was watching a Miley Cyrus music video on the computer ...

Amanda: "When is Miley Cyrus' birthday?"
Me: "How should I know?"
Amanda: Shruggs her shoulders.
Me "Why do you want to know?"
Amanda: "I want to know when she turns 17."
Me: "Because?"
Amanda: "I don't know."
Megan: "I'm gonna' get married when I'm 17."
Me: "Oh REALLY? Why 17?"
Megan: "It's a good age."
Me: "Not for getting married."

Later we ran some errands. Since I had failed to feed them lunch, and it was closing in on 2:00, we hit the Taco Bell drive-thru (You'll find out soon that it's rare for me to actually go inside any place. If grocery stores had drive-thru's, my life would be complete.) Megan wanted a burrito, and Amanda wanted a taco. Their beverage of choice was a fruit freeze. Megan's fave is the Strawberry Mango (also MY fave) and Amanda likes the Pina Colada. As we pulled up to the squawk box, I saw that they had replaced the Pina Colada freeze with a Strawberry Lemonade one. Amanda was NOT happy to see this!!

Amanda: "How could they DO that?!?!?"
Me: "I know. How COULD they?"
Amanda: "Why the Pina Colada? Why not get rid of the plain Strawberry?"
Me: "Who knows."
Amanda: "Why didn't they have a bunch of commercials on TV telling everyone that they're going to get rid of the Pina Colada freezes, so you better get them while you can?"
Me: "I don't know, honey." Probably for the same reason that cosmetic companies don't advertise when they're going to stop making your favorite shade of lipstick or nail polish. It forces you to buy a few wrong shades before finding the perfect replacement. Evil cosmetic companies.

Later still, I found Megan sitting on the kitchen counter, using a large feather as a quill, dipping it into green food coloring and writing on a piece of paper:

Megan Grimmius
I love Mom

If nothing else, this blog might help me savor these kinds of moments.


  1. good morning laugh Tami! Now for pix...get a free account on flickr and upload your blog pix to there. You can make them totally private on flickr or totally public. When you click on your uploaded pic at the flickr site it will give that pic an url--copy it. When you click on the pic icon in your blog post it will pop up a screen for you to upload a pic from computer or website. Choose the website option. Paste that url from flickr into it and it should bring it to your blog! Wah-la!

  2. I'm sorry, clarification. When you click on the pic in flickr--above the pic it will have options. click on the "all sizes" option. There you will find your url.

  3. Thank you, Tracey!! Photos make all the difference!!