Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Manic Monday

Ahhh Monday mornings.

Amanda and I left for school, and about 2 minutes into our 4 minute commute, I realized I'd forgotten something. So I passed my cell phone to her so she could call Henry and ask him to bring it. When I heard her leaving a message on his cell phone, I decided I better flip a U to go get it myself. While doing this, I told Amanda to call the house phone. She did. He answered. He agreed to bring it with him in a few minutes. That meant that I got to flip another U to head back in the original direction. As I'm making that U-Turn ...

Amanda: YOU'RE the one who made us late THIS time.

Me: How does saying that help anyone?!

Amanda: I'm just saying that I'm not the one who made us late this time.

Me: I am well aware of the fact that I am the one making us late this morning, so we really don't need to discuss it.

Amanda: Wow. Tough crowd.

"Tough crowd?" Really? What am I ... in a comedy club all of a sudden? Silly girl.


  1. Ha! You totally talk to your children like they're adults, don't you. I freaking love parents who do that. They always have the smartest kids.

  2. don't you sometimes wonder if there are secret cameras rolling somewhere?
    The other day one of my kids was complaining about having to pick up something that wasn't theirs. You can imagine my sarcastic response.

  3. Lacie, YES! I've always talked to them like they're adults. Never did the baby-talk thing, which made me wonder if I was the motherly type. Thanks to your comment, I now know it's gonna' pay off!!

    Tracey, seriously! There's just gotta' be cameras somewhere, right?! And I so wish I could have heard your sarcastic response, because it's not like us MOMS ever have to pick up other people's stuff, right? Too funny!