Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scholastic BOOK Orders

Did you have Scholastic Book Club Orders in school when you were a kid? I did. I didn't get to order much, if anything, but it sure was fun looking at all the books they had to offer.

My girls are getting those order forms now, but I've noticed something different in their forms ... there's a LOT more than just books available nowadays.

It's kinda' sad, actually. I remember getting so excited about the BOOKS offered back in the day, but MY girls are all about the Nintendo DSi games and various gadgets available now through Scholastic BOOK Club.

A few weeks ago, Megan was showing me what she wanted to order from the BOOK Club: A "Secret OPS Ultimate Voice Changer" that advertised the ability to "disguise your voice and location". She wanted it so badly that she even offered to chip in $6.00 out of the $12.00 total. Now, normally I would just say 'no' to something so ridiculous, but I noticed that this voice changer was part of a whole "Secret Spy Pack" which included (drum roll please) ... A BOOK!! That's right, the gimmicky voice changer toy was actually paired with an A-Z Mystery book. SOLD!!

Fast forward to this afternoon. Megan comes into my office after school ...

Megan: Mom! We got our book club stuff today!

Me: Cool! Can I see?

Megan: Here's the voice changer, but Mom, guess what?

Me: What?

Megan quite annoyed: It came with a BOOK.

She tossed the A-Z Mystery book on my desk.

Me: I know, isn't that great?

Megan: I didn't want a BOOK. I just wanted the voice changer thing.

Me: Um, Megan? The company is called Scholastic BOOK Club. Did you know that?

Megan: What-everrr.



  1. I loved those book order things when I was little and can still see and feel them in my hands from back then. But your right, these days it's kinda full of cheap stuff. We do the scholastic book fairs and often kids spend all of their money on the crap.
    And we wonder why our children have lower attention spans. Let's just blame Scholastic.

  2. Yep, Tracey. It's all Scholastic's fault!!