Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Always Thinking the Worst

I'm a pessimist, which may go without saying, but there it is anyway.

I often run the worst case scenario in my head, because that way I won't be caught off guard. And more importantly, I won't waste precious time being happy and worry-free!!

Seriously though, I often jump to the wrong, and often inappropriate, conclusion when it comes to my girls comments or questions.

Today was a perfect example of just that.

A sandwich was delivered to our office after school.  The delivery guy came to my desk for a signature, and as he was walking out, Megan ran over to me with a look of COMPLETE SHOCK. Of course, I interpreted it as a look of complete HORROR. 

Meg:  Mom! That guy had A DUCK through THE DOORWAY!!

My mind immediately jumped to the phrase, "Your barn door is open." Why, you ask?  Probably BECAUSE I'M ODD!!! I mean, who can explain such a mental catapult?!

So because my mind jumped to the barn door (aka: Your fly is down.) I thought Meg had seen something of the delivery guy that she shouldn't have seen! So I asked for clarification, with fingers crossed.

Me: He had a WHAT?

And that's when she snapped me back into the reality of a 10 year old girl ...

Meg:  He had TO DUCK through the DOORWAY, because he was SO TALL.

Me:  Oh, right. That.

SERIOUSLY!! What is WRONG WITH ME?! As if "He's got a duck through the doorway" is reeeeally gonna be a new catch phrase for some indecent exposure from a regular run-of-the-mill sandwich delivery guy.

I so need therapy.

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