Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shepherding 101

Megan was a shepherd in last night's Christmas Eve program at our church. Amanda was a Wiseman's attendant (or as she calls it, a Wiseguy's attendant.)

After the second performance, I asked Megan how it went with the goat on stage ...

Megan: I stepped in goat poop!!

This is particularly gross when you're barefoot, which she was!

Me: No way! What did you do? Did you scream?!

Megan (looking at me like I was a total amateur): Uh, no. I wiped it off.


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  1. In '98 Rhett was the little black sheep in the Christmas production. It was the one where Gwen kept licking the fork. Do you remember, "Indescrible!" (the trashcan). Anyway, the stage had a slant to it and during the dress rehearsal (late!), Rhett was resting, as the sheep. I realized he had fallen asleep and nudged Mark next to me. As soon as I got Mark's attention, Rhett (sound asleep) began sliding down the platform. Mark broke choir rank, snatched him up and got him in the hallway. It was so cute and we have fond memories of that one! The little black sheep caused trouble all right. Hope you all had a great Christmas!