Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't leave home without 'em ... PLEASE!!

Last night we made a Costco run. I love Costco runs. Mostly because it means we'll be eating dinner there, which means I don't have to cook!!

When the girls returned from swimming at a neighbor's house around 6:00 p.m., I told them that we would be going to Costco in a little while, so they needed to get dressed.

10 minutes later, Amanda is dressed and watching TV. I go check on Megan, who is still in her swimsuit, playing with Barbies in her room. I remind her that as soon as Dad gets home, we're leaving for Costco, so she better get dressed.

15 minutes after that, I check on Megan again who is now naked, playing with Barbies in her room (I supposed that's a step in the right direction.)

Me: Meg, you need to get dressed.

Megan: I know. Just a minute.

Me: Now.

Megan: Okay, okay.

She goes to her closet, and pulls down a sundress which she slips over her almost-7-year-old nakedness.

Megan: Mom?

Me: Yes?

Megan: Do I have to wear underwear?

Me: Of COURSE you have to wear underwear!

Megan: UGH!!

You know how most Moms tell their teenage kids to wear clean underwear just in case they're in a car accident? Well apparently I'LL be the Mom telling HER kids to WEAR underwear in case they're in a car accident.

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