Saturday, July 24, 2010

Prayers for Glasses

Megan wants glasses. She's wanted them for a long time now. Last year she found some in the dollar section at Target, and wears them from time to time. She'd wear them 24/7 if I'd let her, but they're magnifiers and I'm pretty sure that isn't good for your eyes if you don't need them.

At bedtime tonight, Meg asked if she could get another pair of glasses tomorrow. I said "no". She kept asking. I kept saying "no". I finally succeeded in getting her to give it up and move on to prayers, or so I thought.

Me: Dear Jesus, thank You for today and for Megan. Thank You that she had a fun sleep-over and for keeping her safe at the swim party today ...

Megan: And thank you for having Mom buy me glasses tomorrow.

Me: Uh, no, but please heal Max Hinton, our neighbor Bill ...

Megan: And have Mom get me new glasses tomorrow.

Me: Megan, puh-lease.

Megan: What?

Me: Nothing. Amen.

By the way, Megan's birthday is Wednesday, and I've already purchased another pair of clear-lens glasses for her from Claire's. :)


  1. very cool was thinking we'll sing her happy birthday Wed during our opener for sports camp. do you think she'll be too embarassed?

  2. Do it!! She may act embarrassed, but don't let that fool you. She'll love it. :)

  3. my girl has a thing for sunglasses! Can't get through the dollar store without her throwing a fit over me not buying her a pair of sunglasses!