Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moth Murderer

Megan loves catching bugs. She puts them in jars or plastic containers where they usually die within a day or so. Today her focus was on moths. She captured 15. A good day.

Megan: Momma, why did Amanda say I'm gonna' be the reason moths become distinct?

Me: You mean extinct.

Megan: Yeah, why did she say that?

Me: Because whenever you catch a bug, the result is death. If you catch all the moths that are out there, they'll probably all die, and then there will be no more moths. They will be extinct. Which I would be fine with, by the way.

Megan: Well, I don't mean for them to die.

Me: I know you don't, but that's what always happens, right?

Megan: Yeah. Momma?

Me: Hmmm?

Megan: I can't WAIT to catch more moths tomorrow.

Me: I'm sure.

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