Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heavenly Insights

Megan: When we die and go to heaven, will we still be kids?

Amanda: Only if you die when you are a kid.

Megan: Oh.

Amanda: And, Megan, we'll be angels when we get there, and we'll have REAL halos without sticks! They'll just fly over our heads. And we'll have wings so we can fly around. Mom, is it true that you get everything you want in heaven?

Me: All of your desires will be met, but those desires will change when you get to heaven.

Amanda: You know what I used to want when I got to heaven?
A 72" flat screen plasma TV.

Me: Seriously?

Amanda: Yeah.

Me: Well, you probably won't even think about TV in heaven.

Amanda: Yeah, I'll probably just ask for a Bible.

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