Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mother Knows Best. No, REALLY.

It's summer, and in Fresno that means 100+ degree temps. When I first moved here in July of 1989, and for at least 2 summers after that, I wore socks and loafers all throughout the blistering hot months. I kept looking longingly at my sandal-clad friends, but in my opinion, my feet were not socially acceptable. My toes are longer than I'd like them to be ... not freakishly long, just not cute and stubby. Anyway! One day someone pointed out the fact that most models have super-ugly feet, and they expose their hoofs on a regular basis on the runway, at premiers, etc. After that, I started noticing model's feet in magazines, and on TV, and guess what? My feet were starting to look pretty good! Attractive even!! That was all it took to free me at last!! And I can now proudly say: I WEAR SANDALS IN THE SUMMER, AND SOMETIMES EVEN IN THE WINTER!! Yay for me!!

Okay ... so what does that have to do with mother knowing best? So glad you asked.

Last night my girls and I were getting ready to meet some friends for a dinner/dessert birthday celebration.

Megan chose to wear a sundress with gold flats.

I wore capris with a light-weight-blousey-shirt-thing, and flip-flops (!)

Amanda came out of her room wearing a short-sleeved shirt, with a matching SCARF, skinny JEANS, and imitation Ugg BOOTS!!!

Amanda: Mom, does this look okay?

Me: Uh, yeah, but it's like 100 degrees outside.

Amanda: I feel fine.

Me: Well, it is a little cooler in the house than it is outside. You might want to put on something more light-weight.

Amanda: Nah, this is fine.

Me: Okaaaay.

We get to the restaurant, Amanda steps outside the vehicle ...

Amanda: Uh, Mom, can we go home? I think I need to change. I'm way too hot in this.

Me: Did I not say you would be hot in that?

Amanda: So can we go home?

Me: Uh, that would be a big N-O.

Later that evening, after walking to the ice cream shop (which was across the parking lot from the restaurant), the girls realized they needed to find a "little girl's room". Once inside, Amanda could hardly peel her skinny jeans off of her sweaty legs.

Amanda: WHY did I WEAR these JEANS?!?

Me: Good question. And how are your feet doin' in those boots?

Amanda: They're soooo HOT!!!

Me: You don't say.

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