Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Undercover Fast Food Cop?

On our way back to Fresno Sunday, the girls and I stopped for dinner at Carl's Jr. Now before you throw tomatoes at the computer screen ... please know that I can't stand their commercials either, and I'm pretty good about eating elsewhere when given the chance. However, on this particular road trip, the girls refused to agree on any other eating establishment, and I wanted to get back home sooner than later. So that's where we ate, okay? Okay.

The girls wanted cheeseburgers, and I was in the mood for Mexican food ... nothing much ... a bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell would have done the trick. Thankfully, this burger joint also offers the Green Burrito menu. But since I haven't tried their burritos before, I felt the need to ask the guy behind the counter for his opinion ...

Me: So are the bean and cheese burritos any good here?

Guy: hesitates (!)

Me: Like are they as good as Taco Bell? I'm really in the mood for Taco Bell. (I know, I'm practically begging him to spit in my food.)

Guy: Not really. I think you'd probably like Taco Bell's burrito better.

Me: Thank you. How 'bout the chicken quesadilla? Is that any good?

Guy: Yeah, I think you'd like that.

Me: Great, one of those please.

We got our food, and he was right ... the chicken quesadilla was quite good. Yay!

Fast forward two days later. The girls and I are in the car and pass a Taco Bell.

Amanda: Mom, remember when you asked that guy at Carl's Jr. if the burritos there were as good as the ones at Taco Bell?

Me: Yeah.

Amanda: I can't believe he told you that you wouldn't like the burritos at Carl's Jr.!

Me: Why? He was just being honest.

Amanda: I know, but how did he know you weren't an undercover cop working for Carl's Jr.? He could have lost his job!

Me: Do you really think an undercover cop would bring two kids along?

Amanda: Well you never know!

Me: Um, yeah, I do actually.

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