Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Healthy Spelling Bee Host

Amanda is participating in a Spelling Bee next week. This has been a big learning experience for her. She tried out for the team because she's a good speller (duh.) And by good speller, I mean good speller of 4th grade level spelling words. What she didn't realize was that she'd be spelling 5th and 6th grade level words. She also didn't realize that she'd have to learn 1000 words in like 3 weeks. It's been a bit overwhelming, but she's decided to hang in there and make good on her commitment. (Not "good" as in "study her words", but "good" as in "not quit".)

Today I mentioned to Amanda that I didn't know where the Spelling Bee was going to take place ...

Amanda: It's at some school with a long name, "Our Lady of Perpetual Health", I think.

Me: HELP, Our Lady of Perpetual HELP.

Now I suppose there could be a lady of perpetual health out there, but I haven't heard of her yet. Not a bad idea, actually. Who wouldn't want perpetual health?


  1. We did the spelling bee...once. Didn't turn out so good. I hope she

  2. Amy ~ It would be sooo nice if she did in fact have FUN. We'll see ...