Friday, January 28, 2011

Table Talk

Tonight our school had a Fundraiser at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. This was the perfect excuse for me to not cook, so we went and it was a delightful evening.

Megan ordered the kid's macaroni and cheese with a side of mashed potatoes ...

Megan: I get potatoes mixed up with, uh, what's that red fruit that people think is a vegetable?

Me: Tomatoes?

Megan: Yeah, I get potatoes and tomatoes mixed up.

Me: Well, whatever you do, don't order mashed tomatoes. I don't think they would taste as good as mashed potatoes.

Megan: Blank stare.

After eating about 4 bites of her dinner, Megan kept saying the following phrase while looking at Henry, who was conversing with Amanda ...

Megan: Ugh, I'm full.

Henry: No reaction.

Megan (even louder): Ugh! I'm FULL!

Henry: Still no reaction.

Megan: UGH! I'M FULL.

Henry: Nothin'.

Me: Why do you keep saying that? Are you trying to get a reaction from Dad?

Megan smiling all sinister like: Mom, you're reading my mind!

Me: Ha!

Megan: Mom, do you think I could get a refill on these mashed toma ... I mean, potatoes if I finish them all?

Me: I doubt it.

Megan: Will you ask the guy when he comes back if I can have a refill?

Me: Maybe.

Megan: Mom, whenever you say 'Maybe', you always mean 'No'.

Me: And now YOU'RE reading MY mind!


  1. We love BJ's and my daughter does love her mashed potatoes and they probably would have given her more, but I would NEVER chicken.

  2. Amy ~ She only got through 1/2 of her mashed potatoes, so I (thankfully) didn't have to go there. :)