Monday, January 3, 2011


Have you seen that show Hoarders? I've now seen 3 episodes courtesy of Netflix. I'm amazed at how some of these people live. How they get to the point of walking down a hallway carpeted with laundry or thinking yogurt that is only 2 years old is still edible because the top isn't "puffy". What the?!

Amanda and Megan have watched a couple of these episodes with me. The first hoarder we saw was named Jill. She made quite an impression on Megan. So much so that Megan will refer back to Jill from time to time ...

Megan: Mom, remember when Jill wouldn't let those people throw away her rotten pumpkin?

Me: Mmm hmm.

Megan: And how she grabbed a few pumpkin seeds before they put it in the trash, because she wanted to grow another pumpkin?

Me: Yeah, I do.

Megan: Jill needed help.

Me: She sure did.

Today Megan began the long process of cleaning up her room. It can be overwhelming for a 7 year old, but she actually did really well.

She had one side of her bed picked up, when I walked in and saw the other side.

Megan: Mom, it looks like Hoarders, doesn't it?

Me: Yeah, a little bit.

Megan: Don't worry, Mom. I'll fix it.

And she did.

Way to go Meg.


  1. The show is like watching a car crash. You are horrified, yet still keep watching.

  2. Nice! You now have an excuse to watch such mental junk food as a family. "It teaches the kids good lessons." Sweet!

  3. Yes, Lacie, I DO feel justified in watching the show with the kids now! Although ME watching Sponge Bob with THEM somehow doesn't seem quite as beneficial.

  4. I'm a little afraid to watch that show. It totally peeks my curiosity but I'm afraid I will then get up from the couch and throw everything in my house into the garbage.