Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perfume Purgatory

I usually "get" to run errands with my girls in tow. Today, however, my husband joined us. This was a big deal for me, because it's just so much nicer when you can share the parenting-while-errand-running "joy" with someone rather than keeping it all to yourself.

We had 3 places to go:

Costco: for samples and food and stuff.

Ulta: for make-up and hair products.

Lowes: for a refrigerator water filter.

I suggested we go to Ulta first. MISTAKE.

It wouldn't have been a mistake had I supervised my children. (Did I just type that out loud?)

We walked in and I said to Henry, "Are you okay if I head over to the make-up section?" He assured me that he could navigate the hair care area by himself, so off I went, overhearing him remind the girls (who were headed straight for Perfumes R Us) that this was "not a toy store." Works for me, SEE YA!

I wasn't gone but 5 minutes.

When I found my girls, I thought, "Wow. How could anyone work in this place? All of these perfumes mixed together is just a headache waiting to happen." (Side note: I have to be very careful when it comes to purchasing perfumes, because my Better Half is very sensitive to overpowering scents and will get an instant headache if it's too strong.)

Okay, so once we were in the car, thinking we had escaped the pungency, it became very clear that most of those perfumes were COMING WITH US.

Henry: Ugh! Who sprayed perfume on themselves?


Henry: I'm getting a headache. Who did this? Who sprayed perfume? Was it you, Megan? (wild guess *)

Megan: Yep! But only a few of them.

Henry (Sigh): Please don't do that again.

We rode to Lowe's with the windows down. Not what we typically do in 50 degree weather, but drastic odors call for drastic measures.

* Megan's got a thing for perfume. Not sure why, but she loves her some good smellin' cologne. Okay, it doesn't even have to be good smelling. She just loves spraying smelly stuff on her person. So much so, that at Christmas when she was given a $50 gift card to Kohl's, she spent it all on a bottle of some Daisy Fuentes perfume! Hello? She's SEVEN!

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