Thursday, January 6, 2011

Burnin' a Hole

There are savers (Amanda), and there are spenders (Megan).

As soon as December 26th hit, Megan was wanting to spend her Christmas moola.

So we headed for Target (where else?) She decided on a couple of small toy items, then requested that we go back to the dollar section, where she picked out 6 different flavors of hot chocolate. I thought to my sarcastic self, That outta' last a couple of days.


Within 10 minutes of being back home, she'd prepared all six packages for a little taste test.

Done and done.


  1. And was she able to drink them all before they got cold?

  2. A-M ~ No. She took a sip of each one, then drank the winner. The rest ended up down the drain. Can you say "Investment"? Me either.

  3. Lol! I KNEW she'd be a spender. That little girl cracks me up.