Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a Second ...

What is more irritating than telling your children to do something and being met with the response "Just a second"?

Megan has sensed that this delay in obedience has not set well with me (Yelling and spankings are usually a dead give away.) But, rather than obey, she's come up with a phrase that is not only odd, but funny (dang it.)

Me: Meg, go brush your teeth.

Megan: One sec of a midget, Mom.

Me: One sec of a what?

Megan: A midget, duh.

Yeah. What does that even mean? And why a midget? We don't even talk about midgets in our house. Not that it's forbidden. It just isn't a topic that typically comes up, you know?

Well anyway, as long as we're talking about them now, I might as well share a photo of my favorite little person. Mr. Billy Barty:

This is a photo of him in his role as a Bible salesman in the Chevy Chase & Goldie Hawn movie, Foul Play. His face just makes me smile. :)

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