Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dinner ... AGAIN?!

I had this idea over the weekend. This brilliant idea. Since I loathe cooking, why not pick-up a ready-to-eat tri-tip from The Meat Market? Add a couple sides and dinner is done! (I can't believe it's taken me this many years to purchase something from a place that my friends rave about, but yesterday was the day to finally see if it was as good as they say.)

Henry came home for dinner, and while he was here, also made some tasty honey and ginger carrots to go with the glorious meat. I was in charge of the garlic bread, which of course burned (This was the 2nd bread burning since my post regarding the curse by the way.)

Dinner was fabulous (even the bread was edible once I scraped off the burned topping.) And what made it even better? There was meat left over!!! So you know what that means? No cooking tonight either!! This may have to be a weekly ritual. If tri-tip takes care of 2 nightly dinners, that only leaves 3 more weeknight dinners to figure out. One night is always breakfast for dinner (Amanda asked for "dinner for breakfast" Monday morning, and happily ate chicken and rice while the rest of us ate cereal. I thought that was odd. Breakfast for dinner is fine, but dinner for breakfast? That's just strange ... unless it's cold pizza, of course.) Speaking of pizza, Friday nights are usually pizza. Hmmm, that leaves one night for tacos. Yes! My life is starting to look up!

Alright, so like I said before, last night's dinner was fabulous.

Tonight, however, was me (sans Henry) warming up the tri-tip, making bread (it only burned on the edges, which I consider a wild success!!) and serving Trader Joe's spiced chunky apple sauce. While eating ...

Amanda: Mmmm this is so good.

Me: I know!

Amanda: Not as good as last night, but still good.

Me: What do you mean, 'Not as good as last night'?

Amanda: Well, you know, the carrots that Dad made. Those were sooo good, remember?

Me (rolling eyes): Yeah. I remember.

I also remember making the same stinkin' carrots a few days before, but no one said "boo" about THOSE.

THIS is why I hate cooking. Even when I put forth the effort, it's never as good as What's-His-Name.

It may be time to introduce my girls to TV Dinners. Yep. It's come to that.

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