Thursday, January 13, 2011


Last night was supposed to be crazier than it turned out to be. Thankfully, Amanda's worship team rehearsal was cancelled. Though I didn't know this when I was headed for a super fast and cheap dinner at Taco Bell with the kiddos. As far as I knew, basketball practice was over, and in 45 minutes the girls would have to eat dinner and do homework before the next scheduled appointment. When you only have 45 minutes for dinner (and homework, don't forget), you don't MAKE dinner ... you BUY dinner. Of course, as much as I dislike cooking, I'd always opt for buying dinner if I could, but I digress ...

As the girls and I were pulling into the parking lot, Amanda said, "Mom, it's closed." I replied, "It can't be closed." Then to my horror, I saw our Taco Bell surrounded by cyclone fencing and parked awfully close to the restaurant was some kind of machine of mass destruction.

What could this mean? And why did I feel like someone had punched me in the gut?

Right about then, I received a text that Amanda's 6:00 commitment was cancelled. It's as if God knew I couldn't take much more than the demise of our beloved TB. At least now I had time to make dinner (drat!) before my commitment at 7:00.

Today I was in the area again with my girls to pick up a prescription, and when we looked over, it was gone. Gone I tell you!!

Before I could utter a word, I heard from the backseat ...

Megan: Dear Jesus, please be with Taco Bell in heaven. Amen.

Me: Amen.

Not to ruin a perfectly good, melancholy post, but I did find out that in it's place they're going to build a new and improved Taco Bell!! So by the time the weather warms back up, we'll be able to resume our regularly scheduled runs for the border.

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